Lake Norman Prenatal Yoga

Welcome to iShine Yoga, where Prenatal Yoga is our speciality.

Genevieve Boulanger  Owner & Founder (18 weeks pregnant)

Genevieve Boulanger
Owner & Founder
(18 weeks pregnant)

(Lululemon, 2018)

(Lululemon, 2018)


Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

  • Builds stamina & strength to support as pregnancy progresses

  • Relieves the aches & pains of growing a tiny human

  • Brings both physical & emotional balance

  • Incorporates conscious breathing techniques to help prepare for labor

  • Enjoy this special time together with baby - slow down & enjoy!


Instructors: Carolyn Weber & Genevieve Boulanger

Prenatal Yoga Video: Stretch & Glow

I'm 27 weeks here. For all our mamas to be, congratulations!! So excited to be on this journey with you! This routine focuses a lot on your hips because that's so important during your pregnancy and through postnatal too. XXO, Genevieve