Prenatal Yoga Video: Stretch & Glow (12 mins.)

You can also watch on YouTube HERE!

For all our mamas to be, congratulations!! I’m 27 weeks here. This routine is perfect for all trimesters, but of course, make sure to check with your doctor before participating in any exercise program and go at your own pace. Remember to listen to your body.

See the whole pregnancy 2nd trimester post with tips HERE!

To see what workouts I'm doing, also visit http://iShineYoga/blog/2ndtrimester
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xxo, Genevieve & Baby B


@go4danger for Love & Light Photography

Pregnancy Tips - Low Back Pain, Yoga Poses & Books ...2nd Trimester VLOG!

genevieve boulanger

Hey loves!

Today I’m so excited to share this new bit I filmed answering your questions about pregnancy. Comment below with some of your own pregnancy moments and any more questions for me!

I’ll be filming more videos for you! 

Love you!


Genevieve & Baby B

You can also watch on YouTube HERE!

My Second Trimester workouts

In my first trimester, I focused on walking & yoga at the studio when I could and giving my body the rest it needed. This trimester, I’ve been feeling more energized.

I’m not doing all the things in class, revolved cheetah (any intense twists) and headstands are out. Stretch, Flow & even Power have felt amazing for me. And this iShine Prenatal Yoga Class is just what I need.

How i am staying healthy

While we were trying to get pregnant toward the end of last year my body was trying to communicate what I already knew - I needed to take better care of myself. Teaching 12-15 classes per week + photographing was just too much. Chronic low-back pain was making me miserable and depressed. I spent 3 months in PT putting my body back together and eventually my mind came around too. My recovery experience was humbling as the exercise seemed geriatric. Here is how I have come to combat SI Joint Pain~ Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction. I had heard this a lot from prenatal mammas over the years. “It hurts in the back of my hip” pointing to their SI Joint. T

THE CAUSE: weak glutes 😠
THE REMEDY: work your 🍑!!!

What you’ll need:
Booty Bands
Light Weights (3-5 lbs.)

Prenatal Approved

Baby B at 18 weeks in  titibasana

Baby B at 18 weeks in titibasana

My Must Have For Pregnancy

Train yourself to access relaxation at any time during pregnancy & labor. This is a life-skill that helps me cultivate peace and alleviate fearful thoughts. I recommend 1x per week to calm the mind and center yourself throughout your pregnancy.

Deep Breathing Guided Meditation

What AM I Reading?

Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth
Ina May Gaskin’s Guide To Breastfeeding
I’ve made it a ritual to enjoy a bubble bath each night & read these books, sometimes out loud to Andrew as we both educate ourselves in something so new. Your body is not a 🍋& creating new life is nature’s way.
(do yourself & 👶🏼 a favor and GET THESE BOOKS!)

Cravings…Gimme Almond Butter!

I am loving Talenti Gelato in Caribbean Coconut and I am putting Justin’s Almond Butter on just about everything.

What else am I eating?

I’m eating lots of wild-caught salmon + brown rice + stir-fry veggies from our local farm co-op, Mother Earth Produce. (Use code ISHINE20 for $20 Off your first order)
I am just upping my portions and when I’m hungry~ I’m eating :) I’m incorporating a lot of healthy fats in avocado, trail mix, nut butters, coconut, and oils. I’ve been eating a ton of fruit too! Gimme all the apples and bananas!

My Skincare and Makeup Faves right now!

  • Stretchmark oil - I love Badger Belly Oil ~ it smells ahhmazing and feels super soft

For make up, I’ve been obsessed with the below:

genevieve boulanger

Pregnancy Outfits 

  • Restore & Revitalize Dress in Pima Cotton from Lululemon. It is not maternity, so I just size up. I was a 4 (pre-pregnancy) and currently wear an 8 in this dress.

For workout clothes, Lululemon & Avocado are still my fave

genevieve boulanger
  • I love the Lululemon align pant and I’ve sized up a couple times throughout my pregnancy! Plus I know I can wear them after pregnancy :)

  • Avocado: I size up or they have maternity pants

genevieve boulanger

videography + images by:

@go4danger for Love & Light Photography

@HenryWynd for Lululemon

@SamanthaAnnPhotographyLLC ~Wilmington, NC

Cape Town, South Africa - 2017 iShine Yoga Retreat

iShine Yoga Retreat - Cape Town, South Africa
October 2017 / St. James, VIlla - Western Cape

Thank you to Kat, Danger & Toto for making this happen. And, to the beautiful babes that made this one a helluva adventurecation (which i think is a combo of a vacation and an adventure) - you rock my world and remind me what it is all about. MUAH! xo, genevieve.

A: having a rad time, with a fullly nourished and open heart. 

 >> PLAY NOW <<

*No penguins were harmed in the taping of this.


I Get By With a Little Help from My Chair

By iShine Ambassador Amber Kay Miller

I went through a long bout with chronic migraines and fatigue last year. It was near the end of yoga teacher training and I was low energy. As part of our training we tried various types of yoga classes and we were introduced to a glorious yoga prop---the chair.

The old friend instantly engulfed me in a steady hug filled with quiet strength. Long-time friends are comfortable, supportive, and ok to lean on from time to time.

Chair yoga home practice. 2017.

Chair yoga home practice. 2017.

It’s not natural for me to ask for help, to rest. I want to do it all on my own, not having to rely on others.

You just call on me brother, when you need a hand. We all need somebody to lean on.
— Bill Withers

I overheard a student telling another teacher the last class was really hard. The teacher replied, “But how did you feel at the end of practice?” 

The chair practice was grounding and peaceful. With the support of a chair I was able to relax and drop into my breath, my body awareness heightened. I’m 6’3” and the “right” way to do a yoga asana (pose) is not always the same for me as someone who is 5’3”, our body structures and flexibility are all different. I explored warrior asanas more deeply than I’d ever been. I could hold the poses longer and build strength. My alignment felt on point.

Like an unspoken glance between sisters, the chair understood exactly what my body needed in a pose. I stopped thinking about what my body couldn’t do and instead noticed what my body was able to do in the moment and how strong I was.

You don’t have to be on a mat or standing or have Gumby flexibility to do yoga; you just have to breathe.

I regularly interact with people intimidated by yoga classes in studio due to injuries, lost flexibility and balance, or low stamina from a recent injury or illness. I want yoga to be accessible to every body so we can all experience the endless benefits of yoga. I thought back to my friend that brought steadiness and ease to my practice, the chair.

Mandatory chair yoga with family. Thanksgiving 2017.&nbsp;

Mandatory chair yoga with family. Thanksgiving 2017. 

I hope fellow yogis and yoginis like the one below will come and take a seat with me.

 Three years ago I fell and had to overcome some difficult injuries. After a long rehab I couldn’t bring myself to start exercising. Several months ago I developed sciatica. After it resolved I decided to try yoga in an attempt to ward off a recurrence. 
This is one of the best decisions I have made. While my strength and balance are lacking, I see improvements in my flexibility and overall feeling of wellness. When Amber told me about her class on chair yoga I knew it would be perfect for my needs. I hope to gain strength and improve my balance. This will enhance my yoga practice. I feel like a new person in mind, body and soul since starting yoga. I am looking forward to beginning the chair yoga class!
— Anne Beasley

Asking for help reveals strength, not weakness.  Sometimes you just need a friend to help you on your way.

B.K.S. Iyengar defines a yoga prop as, “any object that helps stretch, strengthen, relax, or improve the alignment of the body.”

Over time we may rely on our chair friend less and less, but will know it is always there if we need it. 

Questions? Comments?  We'd love to hear from you!  // 704-274-9808

iShine Ambassador SpotLIGHT- Katie B. // Hiking + Yoga is GOOD for you, Harvard says so!

We need the tonic of wilderness. We can never have enough of nature.
— Henry David Thoreau

Katie B. is an iShine Ambassador - join her!
She will be leading an OUTDOOR HIKING + YOGA class Saturday



by iShine Ambassador, Katie B. 

"I have always been drawn to nature. It’s the place where I can feel small and take comfort in knowing there is something larger out there than me. Nature is the place where I feel the most connected to that something larger.  Where I feel the most in touch with the core (soul) of who I am. It’s where I know I am a significant part of this larger universe.

Summer nights host a symphony of crickets and cicadas harmonizing as fireflies cheer them on - flickering their lights.

That moment, at the break of dawn when the world opens its eyes for the first time and everything starts to yawn and stretch, awakening to greet a new day.

The smell of sweet rain being blown in through the window by a cool breeze in early Spring.

Leaves crunch under my feet on a Fall run.

A Winter snowfall that blankets everything around me silencing the world - which feels equal parts sobering and peaceful.

THESE are the moments that make me feel small, yet BIG."

"There’s a big part of me that knows deep down that feeling free and connected is all the verification I need to know just how powerful and healthy nature truly is. Turns out Harvard has a few things to say about it too.

According to Harvard Medical School, here are 5 ways going alfresco is beneficial for your health (mind, body and spirit)."

1. Your vitamin D levels will go up

Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin because sunlight hitting the skin begins the circuitous process — the liver and kidneys get involved — that eventually leads to the creation of the biologically active form of the vitamin. Over all, research is showing that many vitamins, while necessary, don't have such great disease-fighting powers, but vitamin D may prove to be the exception. Epidemiologic studies are suggesting it may have protective effects against everything from osteoporosis to cancer to depression to heart attacks and stroke. Even by conventional standards, many Americans don't have enough vitamin D circulating in their bodies. The good news is that you'll make all the vitamin D you need if you get outside a few times a week during these summer days and expose your arms and legs for 10 to 15 minutes. Of course, it has to be sunny out.

The either-or of sunscreen and sunshine vitamin has stirred up a lot of controversy and debate between pro-sunscreen dermatologists and the vitamin D camp. But there is plenty of middle ground here: some limited sun exposure on short walks and the like, supplemented with vitamin D pills if necessary, and liberal use of sunscreen when you are out for extended periods, particularly during the middle of the day.

2. You'll get more exercise (especially if you're a child)

You don't need to be outside to be active: millions of people exercise indoors in gyms or at home on treadmills and elliptical trainers. Nor is being outside a guarantee of activity. At the beach on a summer day most people are in various angles of repose.

Still, there's no question that indoor living is associated with being sedentary, particularly for children, while being outdoors is associated with activity. According to some surveys, American children spend an average of 6 hours a day with electronic media (video games, television, and so on), time that is spent mainly indoors and sitting down. British researchers used Global Positioning System devices and accelerometers, which sense movement, to track the activity of 1,000 children. They found that the children were more than doubly active when they were outside.

Adults can go to the gym. Many prefer the controlled environment there. But if you make getting outside a goal, that should mean less time in front of the television and computer and more time walking, biking, gardening, cleaning up the yard, and doing other things that put the body in motion.

3. You'll be happier (especially if your exercise is 'green')

Light tends to elevate people's mood, and unless you live in a glass house or are using a light box to treat seasonal affective disorder, there's usually more light available outside than in. Physical activity has been shown to relax and cheer people up, so if being outside replaces inactive pursuits with active ones, it might also mean more smiles and laughter.

Researchers at the University of Essex in England are advancing the notion that exercising in the presence of nature has added benefit, particularly for mental health. Their investigations into "green exercise," as they are calling it, dovetails with research showing benefits from living in proximity to green, open spaces.

In 2010 the English scientists reported results from a meta-analysis of their own studies that showed just five minutes of green exercise resulted in improvements in self-esteem and mood.

Mind you, none of the studies were randomized controlled trials. The intuitive appeal of green exercise is its strength, not the methodological rigor of the research supporting it. It's hard to imagine how a stroll in a pretty park wouldn't make us feel better than a walk in a drab setting.

4. Your concentration will improve

Richard Louv coined the term "nature-deficit disorder" in his 2008 book Last Child in the Woods. It's a play on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Researchers have, in fact, reported that children with ADHD seem to focus better after being outdoors. A study published in 2008 found that children with ADHD scored higher on a test of concentration after a walk through a park than after a walk through a residential neighborhood or downtown area. Other ADHD studies have also suggested that outdoor exercise could have positive effects on the condition. Truth be told, this research has been done in children, so it's a stretch to say it applies to adults, even those who have an ADHD diagnosis. But if you have trouble concentrating — as many do — you might see if some outdoor activity, the greener the better, helps.

5. You may heal faster

University of Pittsburgh researchers reported in 2005 that spinal surgery patients experienced less pain and stress and took fewer pain medications during their recoveries if they were exposed to natural light. An older study showed that the view out the window (trees vs. a brick wall) had an effect on patient recovery. Of course, windows and views are different than actually being outside, but we're betting that adding a little fresh air to the equation couldn't hurt and might help.

For more information on the Harvard article, please visit:

join Katie B. for the Hiking + Yoga this Saturday:



questions? comments?  we love to hear from you!  // 513-300-3478

Prenatal Yoga // 45 minute class

A baby is like the beginning of all things: wonder, hope a dream of possibilities. In a world that is cutting down its trees to build highways, losing its earth to concrete, babies are almost the only remaining link in nature, with the natural world of living things from which we spring.
— Eda J. Leshan

in this class, the mommies and i BLISS out for a yummy yoga class in huntersville, nc

learn more about my 6-week Prenatal Yoga Series here.

However much we know about birth in general, we know nothing about a particular birth. We must let it unfold with its own uniqueness.
— Elizabeth Noble

newborns photographed by yours truly (with love) 
Love & Light Photography