Pregnancy Tips - Low Back Pain, Yoga Poses & Books ...2nd Trimester VLOG!

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Hey loves!

Today I’m so excited to share this new bit I filmed answering your questions about pregnancy. Comment below with some of your own pregnancy moments and any more questions for me!

I’ll be filming more videos for you! 

Love you!


Genevieve & Baby B

You can also watch on YouTube HERE!

My Second Trimester workouts

In my first trimester, I focused on walking & yoga at the studio when I could and giving my body the rest it needed. This trimester, I’ve been feeling more energized.

I’m not doing all the things in class, revolved cheetah (any intense twists) and headstands are out. Stretch, Flow & even Power have felt amazing for me. And this iShine Prenatal Yoga Class is just what I need.

How i am staying healthy

While we were trying to get pregnant toward the end of last year my body was trying to communicate what I already knew - I needed to take better care of myself. Teaching 12-15 classes per week + photographing was just too much. Chronic low-back pain was making me miserable and depressed. I spent 3 months in PT putting my body back together and eventually my mind came around too. My recovery experience was humbling as the exercise seemed geriatric. Here is how I have come to combat SI Joint Pain~ Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction. I had heard this a lot from prenatal mammas over the years. “It hurts in the back of my hip” pointing to their SI Joint. T

THE CAUSE: weak glutes 😠
THE REMEDY: work your 🍑!!!

What you’ll need:
Booty Bands
Light Weights (3-5 lbs.)

Prenatal Approved

Baby B at 18 weeks in  titibasana

Baby B at 18 weeks in titibasana

My Must Have For Pregnancy

Train yourself to access relaxation at any time during pregnancy & labor. This is a life-skill that helps me cultivate peace and alleviate fearful thoughts. I recommend 1x per week to calm the mind and center yourself throughout your pregnancy.

Deep Breathing Guided Meditation

What AM I Reading?

Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth
Ina May Gaskin’s Guide To Breastfeeding
I’ve made it a ritual to enjoy a bubble bath each night & read these books, sometimes out loud to Andrew as we both educate ourselves in something so new. Your body is not a 🍋& creating new life is nature’s way.
(do yourself & 👶🏼 a favor and GET THESE BOOKS!)

Cravings…Gimme Almond Butter!

I am loving Talenti Gelato in Caribbean Coconut and I am putting Justin’s Almond Butter on just about everything.

What else am I eating?

I’m eating lots of wild-caught salmon + brown rice + stir-fry veggies from our local farm co-op, Mother Earth Produce. (Use code ISHINE20 for $20 Off your first order)
I am just upping my portions and when I’m hungry~ I’m eating :) I’m incorporating a lot of healthy fats in avocado, trail mix, nut butters, coconut, and oils. I’ve been eating a ton of fruit too! Gimme all the apples and bananas!

My Skincare and Makeup Faves right now!

  • Stretchmark oil - I love Badger Belly Oil ~ it smells ahhmazing and feels super soft

For make up, I’ve been obsessed with the below:

genevieve boulanger

Pregnancy Outfits 

  • Restore & Revitalize Dress in Pima Cotton from Lululemon. It is not maternity, so I just size up. I was a 4 (pre-pregnancy) and currently wear an 8 in this dress.

For workout clothes, Lululemon & Avocado are still my fave

genevieve boulanger
  • I love the Lululemon align pant and I’ve sized up a couple times throughout my pregnancy! Plus I know I can wear them after pregnancy :)

  • Avocado: I size up or they have maternity pants

genevieve boulanger

videography + images by:

@go4danger for Love & Light Photography

@HenryWynd for Lululemon

@SamanthaAnnPhotographyLLC ~Wilmington, NC