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ishine child watch

Child Watch Hours

4:20 p.m. – 8:45 p.m.
8:10 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.


Child 1 – $10
Child 2 – $FREE
Child 3 – $5
Additional Children - $3 Each

Child Watch is one of the many benefits of practicing Yoga at iShine.

  • Children ages 6 months and older

  • A prior reservation is required (NO EXCEPTIONS)

  • A parent or guardian must remain on-site THE WHOLE TIMe as mandated by the State of North Carolina in accordance with our child care exemption status

  • Arrive 5-8 minutes before class to check-in and get settled


child watch is reserved in 1-class increments and must be reserved 12 hours in advance.   to register, add your child as a family member to Your MINDBODY account.  then, register your child individually for child watch.

and sign-Out Procedures
Parents/Guardians must sign their child in and out of Child Watch, completing the appropriate sign in / sign out document located at the Child Watch Desk. *Please note that there is a maximum occupancy limit on the Child Watch area and that parents may be asked to wait with their children until a child has been picked up to reduce the occupancy level.

A Liability Waiver must be on file for any child who participates in the Child Watch program. DOWNLOAD NOW

Health and Safety
In the interest of your child’s health and safety and the well-being of the other children - if your babe or kiddo is sick please keep them at home.  We recommend rest, clear nutritious soups and whole-fruit juice popsicles - at home.  :) 

Inconsolable Child Policy
For the comfort of your child and others, it is our policy to come get you if your child cries for more than 10 consecutive minutes. our goal is to provide a positive experience for everyone.

Food and Beverage
Due to a variety of allergies, NO food will be allowed in the Child Watch area. Bottles and sippy cups are allowed in the Child Watch area, but MUST be LABELED with the child’s name. 

Personal Belongings
Neither iShine Yoga & Wellness or the Child Watch staff is responsible for loss or damage to your child’s items. Be sure to label all personal items. Medications will not be administered by the Child Watch staff.

Parent Location
A parent or guardian must remain at iShine Yoga & Wellness the entire time their child is in Child Watch. This is mandated by the State of North Carolina in accordance with our child care exemption status.

Coordinator: Genevieve Boulanger, (704)274-9808, childwatch@ishineyoga.com

Team: Skylar Gonzales, Lori PelhaM, ASHLEY MULLEN & ASHA Torruellas